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BBye [Monday, July 2nd @ 1:10am]
[ mood | good ]

Out with the old and in with the new!

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Vrroooom... [Saturday, June 30th @ 5:06am]
I recieved two free (VIP I think) tickets to that Southern Dragboat Races Event taking place over at Lake Nasworthy this weekend. They are worth $25 each or so I'm told and I've given myself about a 10% chance of actually using them so if anyone would like to have them for FREE please give me a call @ 325-450-3603 anytime after 12pm so I'll be awake enough to answer/and or hand them over okay? Just thought I'd throw that out there in case anyone cares about stuff like this!

< /fakecraigslist>
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Life [Saturday, June 30th @ 4:57am]
[ mood | reflective ]

One word to explain the last couple months = turbulent.

and that's putting it so very lightly...

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[Sunday, May 6th @ 3:02am]
[ mood | grateful ]

Billy was released from the hospital last night. I'm so relieved he's okay, the stress has dissipated a bit and we're all just happy he's going to be alright. Hopefully he'll be well enough to be able to go back to work on Monday because I know he doesn't want to miss anything and that's Billy for you. He was on the brink of death and when he woke up one of his first questions to me was why I wasn't at work and how he hopes he doesn't miss more than one day of work. I think he needs deserves a nice vacation somewhere. Things like this can make one have a new perspective on life and how we deal with the simple and the everyday. Its easy to say that things are going to have to change, but they are. We've already started and like all struggles, we'll take this one day at a time, and we'll be doing this together. I wouldn't have it any other way.


[Friday, May 4th @ 8:33am]
[ mood | calm ]

Billy is extremely sick and in the ICU at Community Medical right now and I just thought I'd let you all know. He's unconscious but in stable condition which is the best news we have so far. I'm not a religious person by any means but if any of you know Billy, please give him your hopes and prayers since he will be especially needing them at this time. I'll try to post an update on his condition later tonight but I'll probably be at the hospital all day. I also just wanted to use this space to thank everyone who came up to see him last night at such short notice. His family and I really appreciate it and hope you guys can come and see him again soon.

I really want to be there when he wakes up.


[Sunday, April 29th @ 11:28pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Heroes is my new favorite show. Not since Top Chef have I gotten so engrossed. I'm not sure why I've been avoiding it all these months but I saw the pilot episode online yesterday and have fallen in love ever since. NBC has streaming episodes for free on their website which helps to catch me up on the storylines. This show seems tailor made for geeks and nerds and I can't really argue with their strategy here. It's awesome. I want to be Hiro.


Iron Albie [Tuesday, April 24th @ 2:05am]
I attempted to make Chicken Picatta tonight as my first 'real' meal cooked at the apartment but it came out pretty rough. Like really salty rough. The chicken was fine but the lemon-caper-buter-sauce was almost unedible. I've never had capers before either so I had no clue how it was going to taste but I can now say without a doubt that capers are well, gross. I still have half a jar left of the stuff too so that's going into the trash within the week probably. The sweet bell pepper crostini's I made for an appetizer yesterday came out okay so I'm 1 for 2 in this kitchen so far. I don't have a day off until Thursday so that'll be when I attempt to make homemade baked elbow mac 'n cheese. Damn I love having my very own kitchen...
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Hannah [Monday, April 23rd @ 4:57pm]
Our cat's name is Hannah now (it was Bendi or something like that before we got her) and I'm so excited because I've never had a pet my entire life. Ever. She's entirely too cute and she is so well behaved for being just a few months old. Her former owner is a breeder and did mostly cat shows with her cats but she's got too many now (typical cat lady right) so she let us have one but for $250. Is that a lot for a Himalayan-Persian kitty? I don't have a clue but she seems worth every penny so far. She's really shy right now but she's not scared of people or strangers at all which is good and she's kitty litter trained so she's pretty much set. Not sure if we're going to declaw her or not though yet.

Got SuddenLink internet working at the apt today so I'll update more hopefully now.
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Kitty Trip [Friday, April 20th @ 10:43pm]
[ mood | working ]

Billy found the kitty of his dreams the other day, the only problem though is that he lives two or three hours away and costs over $200. < /frown>

We're leaving tomorrow afternoon to go get him and maybe by Sunday we'l have pictures up of the little guy.

This is all Billy has for a picture right now...I'm not so sure that I'm sold yet on this whole plan but we're going anyway. We could always change our minds after we get there I suppose.

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[Friday, April 13th @ 5:19pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Billy and I are about to move into our new apartment today! We're living in Alamo Village now #19 if anyone wants to stop by sometime and check it (and us?) out. I just picked up the keys this afternoon and we're about to begin the dreaded process of hauling shit upstairs...

yay moving!


RIP Kurt [Thursday, April 12th @ 5:04am]
[ mood | working ]


Time to re-read SH-5.


2006 Popualtion Makes a Comeback [Monday, April 9th @ 10:40pm]
[ mood | bored ]

"The Census Bureau estimated San Angelo's June 1, 2005, population at 88,014, which is down from its peak of 88,419 in 2000. The city's population dropped by 0.48 percent between 2000 and 2005, and the county's fell by 0.39 percent. The 2006 estimate brings the six-year loss to 0.07 percent. For the first time since 2000, Tom Green County population has reached to within 100 people of 104,000. Tom Green County was estimated to have 103,938 people on June 1, 2006, up from 103,409 in 2005 and 104,010 at the 2000 census. The one-half percent increase reverses a half-decade of stagnant-to-declining growth. The Census reported, 1,641 people were born in Tom Green County between June 1, 2005 and June 1, 2006, and 1,022 died. The 619-person "natural increase" was offset partially by a 105-person loss in migration."

--March 31st San Angelo Standard Times

This kind of stuff fascinates me.

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[Thursday, April 5th @ 2:17pm]
[ mood | insane ]

Last night I devoted over three hours of my life to an online freeroll poker tournament and finished in the top 2.5% by placing 93rd place out of 4000 players. I made a whole two bucks out of it. Three hours, two bucks, and you know what?


Then afterward I wondered why, who would do this? Why waste my time and energy for almost nothing? I had to think for a moment before realizing how simple the answer was. Competition. That's all. You versus the other guy. It's part of human nature to want it. Some people play sports, some people watch and choose a side, some like to vote for something that's on television because what they do can matter and affect something. If you have a brother or sister, you know what I mean. We need that drive to excel and be the best at whatever we're trying to do and I guess with me its poker. It used to be baseball growing up, and now it seems to be this.

God help me if I ever move to Vegas.

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Car Problems [Thursday, April 5th @ 1:05am]
[ mood | anxious ]

So I made an appointment at G & G Automotive to have my car checked. My AC's been out and with the hot weather coming, that's just not going to work...

Has anyone been there or is there somewhere else I should be going for this kinda thing?

Nevmind, got it done and for cheap...I think.


A Window Into My Evening... [Wednesday, April 4th @ 1:58am]
[ mood | awake ]

I'm not one for drinking too much usually unless there was a real reason to but tonight felt different for whatever reason. I originally wanted something from Alfredo's but they were closed so we (the bf and a couple friends) basically just gave up and went the booze route and headed to Cheddar's, normally not a great place for it but we love it there. Who doesn't right? Anyway, after the margaritas, jack, and crown was all gone we (actually Elizabeth) decided it was time for triple shot Tuesday at Eskimo Hut. We got daq's and I can't remember what Elizabeth got but it was delicious and mine tasted like what I can only describe as a berry Dimetapp flavor. Totally gross. Needed cream perhaps. Come to think of it, everything tastes better with cream. I should add that to my list of things to do tomorrow...fix car AC, then buy some cream.



[ mood | confused ]

It's the truth.


I'll fight whoever thinks otherwise.


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Mexicans, Albanians, and Transexuals oh My! (Part 1) [Monday, March 26th @ 6:46pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

To make a long story short (no pun intended) I made this cut because the story is about as long as hell is deep so view at your own risk!
Read more...Collapse )



Eagle Pass, Texas [Sunday, March 25th @ 1:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm about two miles from the Mexican border right now, maybe less even. I was too young to remember the last time I was anywhere in/near Mexico. Its so different here. I'd say 95% of the pop. is Mexican easy. What's funny though is that in this town of 25,000 there are TWO internet cafes while San Angelo has ZERO, and Amarillo ZERO. Plus they have a really fancy chinese restaurant here, which is just weird.

Anyway I came down for the casino, bought into a 2/5 no-limit game last night for $200 and walked out with $1300. Not bad for a three hour session eh?

There's going to be a $100 buy-in tournament in about an hour so wish me luck!

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Payday! [Wednesday, March 7th @ 9:05am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Time to pick up the check, tune up the car, get a haircut, pay the car insurance, head to Target to help pay off the credit card and then while I'm there, get the new Arcade Fire Neon Bible cd! If its even a fraction of how good their last was I'll be happy.

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[Tuesday, March 6th @ 5:25am]
[ mood | good ]

Gaygamer.net was talking about specially designed cakes recently and had a link to this girl's portfolio:

Michelle Cakes

The one that caught my eye in particular was the Baby cake...



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