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Our cat's name is Hannah now (it was Bendi or something like that before we got her) and I'm so excited because I've never had a pet my entire life. Ever. She's entirely too cute and she is so well behaved for being just a few months old. Her former owner is a breeder and did mostly cat shows with her cats but she's got too many now (typical cat lady right) so she let us have one but for $250. Is that a lot for a Himalayan-Persian kitty? I don't have a clue but she seems worth every penny so far. She's really shy right now but she's not scared of people or strangers at all which is good and she's kitty litter trained so she's pretty much set. Not sure if we're going to declaw her or not though yet.

Got SuddenLink internet working at the apt today so I'll update more hopefully now.
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