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A Window Into My Evening...

I'm not one for drinking too much usually unless there was a real reason to but tonight felt different for whatever reason. I originally wanted something from Alfredo's but they were closed so we (the bf and a couple friends) basically just gave up and went the booze route and headed to Cheddar's, normally not a great place for it but we love it there. Who doesn't right? Anyway, after the margaritas, jack, and crown was all gone we (actually Elizabeth) decided it was time for triple shot Tuesday at Eskimo Hut. We got daq's and I can't remember what Elizabeth got but it was delicious and mine tasted like what I can only describe as a berry Dimetapp flavor. Totally gross. Needed cream perhaps. Come to think of it, everything tastes better with cream. I should add that to my list of things to do tomorrow...fix car AC, then buy some cream.

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