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Last night I devoted over three hours of my life to an online freeroll poker tournament and finished in the top 2.5% by placing 93rd place out of 4000 players. I made a whole two bucks out of it. Three hours, two bucks, and you know what?


Then afterward I wondered why, who would do this? Why waste my time and energy for almost nothing? I had to think for a moment before realizing how simple the answer was. Competition. That's all. You versus the other guy. It's part of human nature to want it. Some people play sports, some people watch and choose a side, some like to vote for something that's on television because what they do can matter and affect something. If you have a brother or sister, you know what I mean. We need that drive to excel and be the best at whatever we're trying to do and I guess with me its poker. It used to be baseball growing up, and now it seems to be this.

God help me if I ever move to Vegas.
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i wouldn't let you
hey sorry i couldn't come over tonight but i miss you guys, we def need to get together sometime and hang out. kidnap me if you have to...
Tomorrow night IS Paco's night...
I had to work that night man! :(