Albie (car_chase_scene) wrote,

Iron Albie

I attempted to make Chicken Picatta tonight as my first 'real' meal cooked at the apartment but it came out pretty rough. Like really salty rough. The chicken was fine but the lemon-caper-buter-sauce was almost unedible. I've never had capers before either so I had no clue how it was going to taste but I can now say without a doubt that capers are well, gross. I still have half a jar left of the stuff too so that's going into the trash within the week probably. The sweet bell pepper crostini's I made for an appetizer yesterday came out okay so I'm 1 for 2 in this kitchen so far. I don't have a day off until Thursday so that'll be when I attempt to make homemade baked elbow mac 'n cheese. Damn I love having my very own kitchen...
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